Friday, November 13, 2009

I'm trying, but...

What do I do now?  I've posted all the things that need to be sold like a good little to-do lister, but after the initial rush of selling the dryer, we've hit a dry patch.  I'm ready to just donate everything to have the satisfaction of having it finished.  Garage empty.  Game over.

This week was strange.  I feel oddly at peace, but unable to focus.  I feel like I've made some major decisions, but don't know where I'm headed.

In therapy, I asked my therapist (whose name I had forgotten!), "how exactly does one do therapy?"  Yeah, you talk, I know, but what do you talk about?  Do you propose a question and then discuss?  Do I need to prepare notes before I go?  My therapist's answer (whose name I now know) didn't help.  Apparently, it's up to me.


Off to prepare a therapeutic Powerpoint,

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