Thursday, October 15, 2009

Elsie's Northwest Adventure!

We're packing up and leaving for a week-long road trip to Portland, OR.  It will be awesome.  We've got the first Harry Potter on CD for the ride up, we've got built in family drama and I have a mission. 

Nutria hunting.  Ok, not with a gun or anything - Elise doesn't do firearms - but ever since I discovered these overgrown rats, I've been dying to see one.  Apparently you can find them along the Willamette River, which conveniently runs through downtown Portland.  I'll been looking for you! 

This little jaunt does actually relate to our NYC move, but I've got to do some actual work before we hit the road - always have to go out looking good on the job! 

Until then.....

Isn't it awesome!

Ready for the rodents,

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